Jam Sessions – Case Study # 1,862

Jam Sessions – Case Study # 1,862


At Chippenhook we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing retail displays. Each new project presents unique challenges. But with every project, our teams rise up to the challenge and come up with innovative solutions for our clients. With many meetings happening now online, one customer came to us for a solution to using Jewelry Trays to display products during virtual meetings.

Case Study # 1,862 – The Virtual Tradeshow Display System (Jewelry Trays)

Challenge: how to share jewelry collections and ensembles on a video call?

Retailers and Brands traditionally will use collection trays to share, store, and show jewelry to clients. These trays often stack on top of each other for storage convenience and transport.

Today with most meetings being done by Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, trays filled with products are needing to be held up to the camera so the product can be seen on screen by the clients. Our team was tasked to design a system that makes this method of selling and presentation easy to do.

Our Solution: The Virtual Tradeshow Display System. The tray system employs the use of magnets and elegantly finished magnetic surfaces to allow a presentation tray to be held upright for an optimal camera view without concern of the jewelry falling or shifting in the tray.

About us

Chippenhook is a place where passionate people come together to create awesome products.  We are a family of choice.  And, like all families, we are like fudge- sweet with a few nuts.

We don’t see ourselves as designers of packaging, displays, and fixtures, but as creators of moments — moments of impact, attraction, decision, anticipation, and satisfaction. At Chippenhook We do what we do because we are — unapologetically — a group of driven, passionate geeks: designers, ideators, and creators interested in learning just how far the consumer-brand interaction can be taken at point of purchase. We create point-of-sale magic not just in the WOW sense, but in every exquisite detail of the HOW. After all, our mothers told us we could do ANYTHING. We couldn’t agree more.

Chippenhook is part of the Vassi Design Group.

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