We love our team.
It’s what makes us unique and valuable.
We are Chippenhook.

Our Team- The Chippenhook Family

Mark Zelk


After building his first home, parts for the automotive, electronic and medical industries, plus SpaceX, thousands of POP Displays and Fixtures with four children mixed in along the way, his motto is: Nunca digas nunca (Never say never)

“Don’t worry I’ve seen it on McGyver” -Mark, every time he’s asked to fix something

Steven Kidwell

Vice President of Design

Believes good design starts with a pen & paper sketch

Could recreate civilization with the contents of his 40 lb. backpack

Our Team- The Chippenhook Family

Our Team- The Chippenhook Family

Kirk Aronson

Vice President of Business Development

Marathon runner

Tried to warm up a cookie once, ended setting off the fire alarm

It’s safe to say he can’t cook

Paul Dietz

Senior Advisor US & Asia Operations

His trademark statement is
“The greatest ability is dependability”

Head in the clouds feet on the ground. Let’s dream the big dream together!

Our Team- The Chippenhook Family

Monica Cirone

Business Development Manager

Brings 30 years of jewelry and retail brand experience, commitment and dedication to each project

Once decided to give up the three C’s – chocolate, cheese and coffee

Gave up chocolate and cheese for a year, gave up coffee for a day

Chippenhook Family

Chippenhook Family

Sherrie Betham

Key Account Sales Manager

Our clients often refer to her as their “Texas branch”

Perfection seeker

Jodi Ippolito

Business Development Manager

Her diverse 20-year history as a sales professional has given her the rare ability to dive deep into problem solving and be the SOLUTION for her customers

Has been told she would see a glass half full, even if it had a hole in the bottom

Chippenhook Family

Douglas Erwin

Business Development Manager

Believes that when it comes to working collaboratively, there is no way to happiness, rather happiness is the way

Is forever grateful to Google Maps to help him finally find his way to happiness or anywhere for that matter

Christina Tillery

Vice President of Customer Service

Believes that everyone should constantly be striving to improve themselves and everything around them. “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change”- Mahatma Gandhi

So organized and determined, she COULD have built Rome in a day

Angela Wood

Client Specialist

Believes that “the real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job” – Zig Ziglar

Is a perky persistent collaborator with an overzealous gypsy soul and a fondness for splashy words

Cateline Quinn

Senior Designer

Knew she wanted to be a designer at 10 when her aunt would send her Bath & Body Works lotions that were packaged in bottles that she had designed and engineered

Her mother says she’s charming at funerals

Natasha Watkins

Senior Designer

Chippenhook runs in her family

Very adventurous with a heaping dash of clumsy

Thomas Perugini


People refer to him as a man of action, not a man of words

His father says he’s quick to learn. When he was small he reached up to touch the kitchen stove

He never did that again

Rosie McConic

Accounts Receivable Manager

When she’s not working, she’s probably signing her kids up for another activity that is going to drain the life out of her

That’s love

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