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Kendra Scott – Scott Bros – Case Study


Kendra Scott is a household name in Texas. It consists of 120 retail stores and a presence in over 1,000 wholesale locations. They launched their men's jewelry line this year, Scott Bros. We first met with Kendra Scott Wholesale Division in January 2020 at their Austin HQ’s. Since then, our relationship has blossomed, and we now do business with various channels within the Kendra Scott brand.  In June 2021, Scott Bros was launched as the newest addition to the Kendra Scott brand. Kendra collaborated with her two sons in the creation of the new line as they were her inspiration to branch into men’s jewelry.  We were tasked with creating a unique, yet manly way to display the new pieces while still incorporating Kendra Scott's brand identity. In addition we also wanted to create a one of a kind, low maintenance user friendly display. A Labor of Love At Chippenhook we believe our people are our...

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Oliver Peoples – Case Study


Oliver Peoples, the Luxury Sunglass Brand, and Chippenhook have been working together for years. Their creative team and our designers have collaborated on innovative projects throughout the years. These range from single-frame modern sculpture brass displays to large walnut mid-century modern influenced floor cabinets. Essential to this union is Steve, our VP of Design’s affinity for “the Oliver People’s sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.” His personal collection of glasses includes eight pairs of Oliver Peoples. Only to be outdone by an even higher count of vintage & current Oliver Peoples eyeglass cases. Suffice to say – any project Steve Kidwell does for Oliver Peoples is a true labor of love! About the Brand A heritage brand born in the heart of West Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard, Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 with the opening of its first boutique. The unique culture of Los Angeles, elements of fashion, film, art, and music...

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Skechers James Goldcrown – Case Study


A designer collab between SKECHERS, the global footwear brand, and James Goldcrown, an urban graffiti artist.   We were approached by Skechers to design some retail displays for an upcoming collaboration. The client stated they needed our design team to embrace the idea that this is a collaboration between Skechers and an urban graffiti artist. Equally important, we needed to ask our designers to do something that doesn’t look like anything that we’ve ever shown before. In other words, the client didn’t want normal.  Our goal was to design POP fixtures and displays that would stand out and grab somebody's attention when they walk into a store. Also, to make them immediately realize this collaboration between Skechers and James Goldcrown is something unique and different.   Jam Sessions – Where innovation begins  Part of our design process is what we call our Jam Sessions. We will have different design members work on a project to have...

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Jam Sessions – Case Study # 1,862


At Chippenhook we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing retail displays. Each new project presents unique challenges. But with every project, our teams rise up to the challenge and come up with innovative solutions for our clients. With many meetings happening now online, one customer came to us for a solution to using Jewelry Trays to display products during virtual meetings. Case Study # 1,862 - The Virtual Tradeshow Display System (Jewelry Trays) Challenge: how to share jewelry collections and ensembles on a video call? Retailers and Brands traditionally will use collection trays to share, store, and show jewelry to clients. These trays often stack on top of each other for storage convenience and transport.Today with most meetings being done by Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, trays filled with products are needing to be held up to the camera so the product can be seen on screen by...

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Jam Sessions – Case Study # 115

Watch Display

At Chippenhook we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing retail displays. Each new project presents unique challenges. But with every project, our teams rise up to the challenge and come up with innovative solutions for our clients. Case Study # 115 - Universal Bangle or Watch Bar Challenge: How can we design a universal bangle bar that is able to fit and exhibit different size bracelets, and or watches? Traditional bangle bars do not fit tightly into the display slot in order to accommodate different-sized products. The issue with this is large watches or bracelets won’t display correctly because they tend to “fall” forward. Our team was tasked to design a bangle bar that not only was able to accommodate different size products but also fit in the existing display. Solution: A cushion was added to the back of the bangle bar to allow for products of different sizes to...

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Jam Sessions – Case Study # 234

Cole Haan Retal Displays by Chppenhook

At Chippenhook we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing retail displays. Each new project presents unique challenges. But with every project, our teams rise up to the challenge and come up with innovative solutions for our clients. Case Study # 234 Challenge: how can we develop a display that evolves with our customer's merchandising needs? ‘Versa Philosophy.’ We design most of our retail displays using this philosophy, always keeping sustainability in mind. Our design team faced the challenge of how to design a display that can easily grow as the need arises. We wanted a display versatile enough so that our customers would not get stuck with any displays they didn’t need. Our solution: Magnetic building blocks. As your merchandising needs change, the display changes with you. About us Chippenhook is a place where passionate people come together to create awesome products.  We are a family of choice.  And, like all families, we are like fudge- sweet...

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Welcome to our Jam Sessions – Chippenhook Innovations

Chippenhook Innovations

Welcome to our Chippenhook Jam Sessions, where like-minded people come together with the sole purpose of creating totally awesome products. Just kidding, we’re not all like-minded. We are the equivalent of chicken and waffles: an unusual -some may even say quirky- pairing, but we deliver every time. After all, we are a group of driven, passionate geeks: designers, dreamers, and creators. We are all interested in learning just how far the consumer-brand interaction can be taken at the point of purchase. We are constantly looking to design innovations that create point-of-sale magic not just in the WOW sense, but in every exquisite detail of the HOW. When we come together for our Jam Sessions, we do have some rules we hold ourselves to: 1. THERE ARE NO WRONG TUNES. It just happens to be that there might be better tunes. 2. AVOID USING “NO” AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE We prefer “Ummm, next please!” 3. MAKE SURE EVERYONE...

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Sustainability, at the heart of what we do every day.

Today's consumers are expecting brands to be aligned with their values. Sustainability, and sustainable practices are expected not only on the B2C level, but also on the B2B level.  What steps the brand takes depends on many factors, but these factors need to be looked at closely.   Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchase decisions. Thus, are more likely to purchase products from a brand which resonates with their own personal values. This fact creates B2C to align with B2B by making demands to incorporate into their product's production.  The tricky part is truly understanding how this contribution will help decrease our carbon footprint.  When the B2B puts demands of using recyclables or sustainable materials many times the carbon footprint to do this is actually worse.  This is why it is important for B2B to work together. Ensuring each sides' contribution is a positive step...

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OUR TEAM ENDED THE YEAR WITH GREAT NEWS!   With the holiday season over, some of us are still readjusting getting back to real life. Our inboxes are still filled with hundreds of unanswered emails. So, the fact that you are still here is pretty awesome. We appreciate it. Which is why we'll keep this short so you can return to planning your next vacation.   2019 was a pretty exciting year for us. We celebrated our parent company's 50th anniversary. While you are reading this, our design team is picking paint colors for our new digs. Yes, we are starting 2020 in a brand new office! And the cherry on top: Chippenhook was named one of the 2019 best places to work in Lewisville by Zippia!   We mean, what's not to love? The lovely Miss Ziva David -our office dog- is here every day to greet you. We also have our very own resident baker,...

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Outdoor Industry: Powerful Economic Engine

Carve- Outdoor

  IT MAY BE STARTING TO GET COLD OUTSIDE. BUT OUR MINDS —AND SKETCH PADS— ARE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT THE OUTDOORS.   According to the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), outdoor recreation in the United States is an economic powerhouse. It is among our nation’s largest economic sectors.  It generates annually $887 billion in consumer spending, that’s right -billion with a b! In addition, it also creates around 7.6 million jobs.   We are fortunate to live in a nation surrounded by natural beauty and inspiring landscapes. So, it is no wonder that American consumers are now spending more on outdoor recreation than they do on pharmaceuticals and fuel per year.[1]   Outdoor Industry Economy  Wondering how these $887 are billion spent? According to the OIA, consumer spending on outdoor recreation includes:   Trip and travel spending: including airfare, fuel, lodging, groceries, lessons and more. Recreation products: including gear, apparel, footwear, equipment, services and vehicle purchases...

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