Our mothers told us we could do anything.

We agree.



Our Chippenhook family is a group of innovative industry leaders with extensive experience in a variety of product and market segments. Everything we design is meant to catch the consumer’s attention. We can do visually powerful, in-your-face, riveting design or we can go subtle, engaging the shoppers sensibilities to create connection and desire. Our goal is to appropriately tailor brand presentation to the venue and the target customer.



Project management works together with Design to create quality products that meet our client’s functionality and brand integrity requirements. 

You’ve heard of win-win relationships. Our approach goes one better. Actually two better. Naturally we focus on romancing the brand and creating buyer desire, but we also design and manufacture with other audiences and players in mind. We go the extra mile to try and anticipate everything—yes, everything. We’re not satisfied unless what we design arrives safely, goes together easily, fits perfectly, operates flawlessly, maintains easily, and presents the product effectively and persuasively. It has to be a win for the consumer, for the brand, for the retailer, and — only if those are wins — for us.


Our VP of Engineering flows between our Asian and U.S. offices and factories. We make sure our products work in the field not just in CAD, and ensure they arrive in the same great shape as when we pack them to ship. That said, in the real world, unanticipated problems still crop up. So, our commitment to making it right includes troubleshooting issues onsite, promptly, and retrofitting the entire line if necessary to ensure that whatever gets to the field works and lasts as promised. Period.



Lost in translation? We have a Hong Kong office that serves as our center of Asian production management, quality control, material sourcing and international logistics. “Boots on the ground” is a vital part of our process, which is why every two weeks a member from our U.S. executive team visits our Asian office.


Our manufacturing facilities are tooled with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows our highly qualified staff to produce the highest quality packaging, display and fixture products.
Why Olympic gymnasts study our agility. Well, maybe a slight exaggeration maybe, but we do, in fact, get patted on the back often enough to believe that our ability to react is matched by few others in the biz. While we do build overseas to achieve cost efficiency, when time is of the essence or a key to quality might get lost in the translation, we have the ability to make it happen right here in the good ole’ USA. Point is, we are big enough to meet any need, but fast enough on our feet to respond whatever the need. Chances are, if it can be done, we can do it.



Whether you need your product F.O.B. Hong Kong or other points of delivery, our seasoned logistics team is there to make it happen. Headquartered in the Dallas, TX area, our highly experienced staff of skilled artisans, designers and engineers are the very best in the business.

Need warehousing?

Is 10,000 sq. ft. enough?

Our company operates manufacturing sites and warehouses strategically positioned around the globe, offering unparalleled fabrication and distribution methods.

Bottom line: we sweat the details so you’ll never have to.

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