Jam Sessions – Case Study # 234

Cole Haan Retal Displays by Chppenhook

At Chippenhook we have spent years perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing retail displays. Each new project presents unique challenges. But with every project, our teams rise up to the challenge and come up with innovative solutions for our clients. Case Study # 234 Challenge: how can we develop a display that evolves with our customer's merchandising needs? Solution: ‘Versa Philosophy.’ We design most of our retail displays using this philosophy, always keeping sustainability in mind. Our design team faced the challenge of how to design a display that can easily grow as the need arises. We wanted a display versatile enough so that our customers would not get stuck with any displays they didn’t need. Our solution: Magnetic building blocks. As your merchandising needs change, the display changes with you. Chippenhook - Jam Sessions - Case Study # 234 About us Chippenhook is a place where passionate people come together to create awesome products.  We are a family of...

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Welcome to our Jam Sessions – Chippenhook Innovations

Chippenhook Innovations

Welcome to our Chippenhook Jam Sessions, where like-minded people come together with the sole purpose of creating of totally awesome products. Just kidding, we’re not all like-minded. We are the equivalent of chicken and waffles: an unusual -some may even say quirky- pairing, but we deliver every time. After all, we are a group of driven, passionate geeks: designers, dreamers and creators. We are all interested about learning just how far the consumer-brand interaction can be taken at point of purchase. We are constantly looking to design innovations that create point-of-sale magic not just in the WOW sense, but in every exquisite detail of the HOW. When we come together for our Jam Sessions, we do have some rules we hold ourselves to: 1. THERE ARE NO WRONG TUNES. It just happens to be that there might be better tunes. 2. AVOID USING “NO” AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE We prefer “ummm, next please!” 3. MAKE SURE EVERYONE...

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