We’re in the business of creating magic

We’re in the business of creating magic

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Humans are visual creatures, what we see will influence us the most. Did you know that half of our brains are directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information? 1

Brick and mortar stores have experienced a decline in sales due to customers migrating to online shopping. Therefore, it is evident retailers must incorporate visual merchandising strategies to attract customers to their stores.

When designed properly, visual merchandising will not only make your store more attractive, but will also entice foot traffic and encourage impulse shopping. Having a well-designed store will stimulate repeat sales and grow customer brand loyalty.

What are the basic elements of visual merchandising in retail?

Visual merchandising is all about the look and feel of your store and brand. It takes into account elements such as overall appearance and layout, uniforms, signage, illumination, point of sale materials and packaging. Together they all play a very important role into creating a great ambience for your store, which results in attracting  your customer in and compel him / her to purchase your products.

How can we help?

 At Chippenhook, we create brilliantly designed, attention-grabbing and emotionally-evocative point-of-sale tools designed to increase buyer desire.

Point of Sale Magic

Why we do what we do

We don’t see ourselves as designers of packaging, displays, and fixtures. Instead, we believe we are creators of magic designing moments of impact, attraction, decision, anticipation and satisfaction. We do what we do because we are – unapologetically – a group of driven, passionate geeks: designers, innovators, eager to learn just how far the consumer-brand interaction can be taken at point of purchase. We create point-of-sale magic not just in the WOW sense, but in every exquisite detail of the HOW.

Head over to our gallery and browse some of our most recent collaborations. We play well with others, promise!

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