Kendra Scott – Scott Bros – Case Study

Kendra Scott – Scott Bros – Case Study


Kendra Scott is a household name in Texas. It consists of 120 retail stores and a presence in over 1,000 wholesale locations. They launched their men’s jewelry line this year, Scott Bros.

We first met with Kendra Scott Wholesale Division in January 2020 at their Austin HQ’s. Since then, our relationship has blossomed, and we now do business with various channels within the Kendra Scott brand. 

In June 2021, Scott Bros was launched as the newest addition to the Kendra Scott brand. Kendra collaborated with her two sons in the creation of the new line as they were her inspiration to branch into men’s jewelry.  We were tasked with creating a unique, yet manly way to display the new pieces while still incorporating Kendra Scott’s brand identity. In addition we also wanted to create a one of a kind, low maintenance user friendly display.

A Labor of Love

At Chippenhook we believe our people are our greatest asset. Collaborative work among our teams is what makes us so successful. We are a group of driven, passionate designers, dreamers, and creators. We enjoy learning just how far the consumer-brand interaction can be taken to create a unique experience.  As a group, we are constantly looking for design innovations that create point-of-sale magic. After all, we put our heart and soul into what we do.

Early Stages of Design

Scott-Bros-men's jewelry-CHIPPENHOOK

The design process was truly a labor of love and many late afternoon trial and errors. Typically, our designs begin with hand drawings, which we share with our customers to make sure we are on track. We then proceed with 3d models, 3d printing after that, then photo realistic renders and prototypes.

Left: One of the first design proposals.

During this project, we started calling Steve’s office the Scott Bros workshop. After numerous collaboration calls with the incredibly talented Kendra Scott team, the hexagon was born, known internally as the beehive design. Steve, our VP of Design had every tool possible in his office to create the perfect hexagon size.

The idea of wood hexagons stacking and hanging on one side was the visual dream, but there were a lot of unanswered questions. Such as, where will the bracelets go? How do we connect the hexagons? How would the hexagons hold together and still be an interactive display? Are magnets the answer? How do you incorporate the story, the various looks?  If so, how many, what size, and where will they need to be placed? What makes a display interesting enough that “guys” will want to take a look, but also enticing enough to take them to the next step of trying it on?  All questions that needed answers.

 Testing our Designs In-house

Steve along with Cateline Quinn, one of our designers, went back to the drawing board and brainstormed ideas on how to answer all of these questions, while still achieving a functional display.

3D printing was the only way to find answers to the questions. Our 3D printer ran for days making hexagon shapes. The team would place magnets strategically to test out the strength and stability of the design until it was perfected.

Left: testing the magnets on one of our 3d printed prototypes.

Perfecting our Design

Our design team focused on what we internally know as “Versa Philosophy.” We wanted our design to be very flexible and versatile so it could expand or contract with different levels of product.

Steve and Cateline started building the structure with removable inserts. Some inserts can hold bracelets, others have a graphic on them – but they can all switch positions depending on the retailer’s needs.

In the end, we accomplished exactly what the Kendra Scott team asked for. A knock it out of the park men’s display!  Creative, flexible, interactive, and yet simple design to represent the launch of the new men’s jewelry line, Scott Bros. 

Magnetic hexagon-shaped display that can be built as needed

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