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First Impressions Do Matter!

Coach hands Seven Seconds

It takes seven seconds for customers to make the first critical decision about your product. Years of product design, development and marketing often come down to a mere seven seconds. In the retail world, that's a small window of time to capture a shopper's attention. Once you have won these valuable moments of attention with the right story, you may win another two minutes, five minutes or even twenty. Keep in mind, the first seven seconds will make or break your story. Are you still with me? Here's a fun fact for you: did you know that according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, goldfish have the attention span of nine seconds? Care to guess what the human attention span is? Eight seconds! In other words, we are literally distracted faster than goldfish. Feeling like you can relate to Dory, anyone? Although it may not seem like it is enough time to make...

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We’re losing our heads this trick or treat season!

Hershey's Skull 2

We like to think of ourselves as visionaries. And not to brag, but with this project we definitely deserve to be patted on our backs! It all started with a lead that came through our website a few years ago. It then led us to visit Hershey's, where one very important question was asked: do you have the capabilities to produce a plastic skull for our Halloween candy? Of course, never ones to shy away from challenges we said: definitely, yes! That was 2017, and flash-forward to today, we have spent the last two and a half years working with our parent company SigmaQ to make this project come to life, which you can now find in stores! We like to operate under the motto that our clients are the key to our success. Which is why since the get-go we were more than willing to do whatever it took to make...

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We’re in the business of creating magic

Magic floating ring display

Humans are visual creatures, what we see will influence us the most. Did you know that half of our brains are directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information? 1 Brick and mortar stores have experienced a decline in sales due to customers migrating to online shopping. Therefore, it is evident retailers must incorporate visual merchandising strategies to attract customers to their stores. When designed properly, visual merchandising will not only make your store more attractive, but will also entice foot traffic and encourage impulse shopping. Having a well-designed store will stimulate repeat sales and grow customer brand loyalty. What are the basic elements of visual merchandising in retail? Visual merchandising is all about the look and feel of your store and brand. It takes into account elements such as overall appearance and layout, uniforms, signage, illumination, point of sale materials and packaging. Together they all play a very important role into creating a...

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