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OUR TEAM ENDED THE YEAR WITH GREAT NEWS!   With the holiday season over, some of us are still readjusting getting back to real life. Our inboxes are still filled with hundreds of unanswered emails. So, the fact that you are still here is pretty awesome. We appreciate it. Which is why we'll keep this short so you can return to planning your next vacation.   2019 was a pretty exciting year for us. We celebrated our parent company's 50th anniversary. While you are reading this, our design team is picking paint colors for our new digs. Yes, we are starting 2020 in a brand new office! And the cherry on top: Chippenhook was named one of the 2019 best places to work in Lewisville by Zippia!   We mean, what's not to love? The lovely Miss Ziva David -our office dog- is here every day to greet you. We also have our very own resident baker,...

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Outdoor Industry: Powerful Economic Engine

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  IT MAY BE STARTING TO GET COLD OUTSIDE. BUT OUR MINDS —AND SKETCH PADS— ARE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT THE OUTDOORS.   According to the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), outdoor recreation in the United States is an economic powerhouse. It is among our nation’s largest economic sectors.  It generates annually $887 billion in consumer spending, that’s right -billion with a b! In addition, it also creates around 7.6 million jobs.   We are fortunate to live in a nation surrounded by natural beauty and inspiring landscapes. So, it is no wonder that American consumers are now spending more on outdoor recreation than they do on pharmaceuticals and fuel per year.[1]   Outdoor Industry Economy  Wondering how these $887 are billion spent? According to the OIA, consumer spending on outdoor recreation includes:   Trip and travel spending: including airfare, fuel, lodging, groceries, lessons and more. Recreation products: including gear, apparel, footwear, equipment, services and vehicle purchases...

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