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Paul Pomroy, Senior Account Executive/Engineer, talks about Pop-Up Retail

• by Administrator

A client asked us if we could take an existing jewelry island and turn it into a branded island for them. They wanted to change not just the incase displays but also the exteriors of the wood cases with the added option of changing them back to their original color after about 3 months! We suggested a removable vinyl tha [...]

Dressing Rooms... Really?

• by Administrator

I haven’t been to a certain store in a few years so I purposely went there today to buy jeans. I picked several pairs to try on and proceeded to the nearest dressing room. I found the most depressing place I could have imagined. I actually think the pictures look better than real life. You actually get a customer i [...]

Pop-up Retail: Hermes "pop-up" Store

9/5/2016 4:11:15 PM • by Administrator

Hong Kong shares with western malls the same seasonal push to merchandise as much as possible during the Christmas season. Since there are a number of large scale shopping malls (even larger than some in the U.S.), the use of innovative space and special event marketing/merchandising is critical for seasonal programs. [...]

Right people

• by Administrator

A Michael Lambiase original – “Right People on the Bus” – March 2011 [...]